Behaviour Policy

General Behaviour

Behaviour, which is not in the nature of Scouting or Guiding, will not be tolerated; any actions which bring the reputation of SSAGO, The Scout Association or Girlguiding UK into disrepute will be dealt with by the National SSAGO Executive.

Campfire Guidelines

Before the hour of midnight, only songs of a suitable nature for youth members of both Scouting and Guiding may be sung at the campfire.

After midnight, songs which may be deemed offensive might be sung. It is therefore recommended that if you do not feel comfortable in such an environment, that you remove yourself from it when advised.


SSAGO operates no official alcohol policy; however, where our members drink we encourage them to do so sensibly, and for clubs to adopt a rational approach to drinking. We actively encourage the membership to monitor and police itself in terms of what is acceptable and unacceptable drinking behaviour.

Alcohol is NOT an excuse for poor behaviour, inappropriate behaviour propagated under the effects of alcohol will not be more favourably viewed, than acts committed when sober. Nobody under the age of 18 must consume alcohol whilst participating in any activity under the banner of SSAGO, Scouting or Guiding. Anybody who does will be breaking the law and so appropriate action will be taken.

Anybody found to be supplying alcohol to a person under the age of 18 is also breaking the law and will have appropriate action taken against them.

Illegal Substances

The use of illegal substances of any kind will not be tolerated by SSAGO. The police shall be called immediately and a lifetime ban from SSAGO will automatically occur. Additionally, the member/s involved will have their name/s passed to The Scout Association and Girlguiding UK, and their University.

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